What is Protoball?

Protoball is a futuristic FPS eSports game. Protoball is being built from the ground up to be a competitive eSport, yet casual enough that every skill level can enjoy the gameplay. The game is essentially a futuristic blend of basketball or soccer/football with FPS mechanics, athletic movement, and intense competitive action. Teams of up to 5 players face off trying to outscore each other, matches are 5 minutes long, and very intense!

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Who is developing Protoball?

Studio Z 3D is a global team of passionate UE4 developers with team members in 8 different countries! America, Canada, U.K., Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Netherlands! Everyone on the team started as a gamer, and worked their way into game development.

What game features are planned?

Protoball will have match-making, competitive & casual modes, rankings, leaderboards, leagues with seasons and weekend tournaments and brackets!

Protoball provides enhanced spectator features for a richer broadcast experience. Anyone will be able to host & cast their own tournaments and exhibition games. This will also include twitch integrations that affect in-game VFX & more!

Players will have deep levels of customization to choose from. Protoball will feature an ever growing library of cosmetic options so that you can really make your character yours.

If real money is involved you'll be able to purchase precisely what you want! Not a chance at what you want... Random Loot Boxes are for FREE drops. In Protoball you'll always be able to buy the specific item that you want, with some exceptions (exclusives, limited editions).

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Why will players enjoy playing protoball?

Players will not only enjoy playing Protoball, they will love it. It is incredibly early in development yet Protoball is providing some intense action and some serious rivalries already. The game is familiar yet very unique, easy to learn and hard to master, athletic movement enables players to move how they want with agility.

When will the game release?

Protoball is currently in a free and open alpha testing phase. Our Kickstarter launches on July 25th and will end on August 27th. After the Kickstarter Protoball will enter Early Access on Steam. From there we’ll release the game when it is stable and feature-rich!

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How many game modes will there be?

Three; There will be the core Sport mode, Dodgeball mode, and Laser Tag! Currently the core sport mode is working and in testing before we move on to the other game modes. You can play this right now! Dodgeball will be released during Early Access at some point, and Laser Tag is being saved for 1.0 release.

In addition to these core eSports modes, we’ll be having a lot of fun with mini-games and odd-ball limited edition game modes!

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Why are you crowd-funding with Kickstarter?

To date Protoball has been funded entirely out of the founder’s pocket. We’re asking for the crowd to aid in the funding so that we can polish the game to a high quality AAA level. So far nearly all expenses have been put into the multiplayer and game mechanics, not the graphics.

What to expect after kickstarter?

More and faster! We’ll be adding all of the matchmaking, rankings, stats, new game modes; Dodgeball and later on Laser Tag. When we’ve determined that the game is 100% stable, feature rich, and we deem it ready then we’ll choose a release date for the 1.0 version. We don’t expect it should be too long, as most of the ground work is already nearly complete!

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Where can you play and what platforms will Protoball be available on?

Protoball is currently on Steam for PC. We intend to launch on as many platforms as possible including; Macintosh, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Kickstarter stretch goals will help with how quickly we release on other platforms.

How can you get involved?

Join the discord! Sign up on our newsletter, and follow our social media!

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